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Natalia from
about me   
  Age: 24  
  Height: 169 cm / 5' 6''  
  Weight: 61 kg / 134 lbs  
  Measurements: 90 cm / 35" 80 cm / 31" 93 cm / 37"  
  Hair: black  
  Eyes: green  
  Smoker: no  
  Languages: german  


My natural smile and peaceful personality will surely charm you. When you get to know me better, you will find that I have a frank character and a mind with open attitude to life. I appreciate people open to me as well because sincerity is the most valuable thing you can get these days. I always say what I think. Of course, I can control myself and there are some situations when its better not to say the truth. I think every little proplem can be solved by a communication and a compromise. Im open to any kind of adventure. Adventure means each new experience I will remember and never forget. Im already excited about new people I will meet, places I will travel to and interesting things I will learn. Chinese cuisine, fish or vegetable salads I like the most and my favourite drinks are white wine and strawberry juice. In my leisure time Im keen on reading books, going to the theatre, internet and fashion. I keep my body fit with skating and riding a bike. One of the most important ways to create energy is by sleep and I love a pure and unbroken sleep. Culture is the most important thing Im interested in when travelling abroad. From the variety of historical places of interests Im keen on visiting museums and galleries the most. My desire is to visit Mexico and China.

transportation costs
 Vienna 50 EUR
 Budapest 100 EUR
 Prague 100 EUR
 Other European Cities 350 EUR
  1 Hour    300 EUR  
  3 Hours    400 EUR  
  Next day    400 EUR  
  6 Hours    500 EUR  
  12 Hours    700 EUR  
  1 Day    900 EUR  
  2 Days    1200 EUR  
*3 and 6 hours are availabe only for Vienna, Budapest and Prague
plus transportation costs

Vienna Escort - Girls

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